Hello world!

Once upon a time, I was the treasurer for the Uist Wholefood co-op. For ten years, I put a couple of recipes a week on our site, as well as passing on information about local food, and related information.

The local shops caught on, and started supplying wholefoods, and gradually we became unviable. For a while, we just had the website, and then that got hacked. All the recipes and articles have gone, and I am starting again.

This is now just a personal website, so that I can keep a note of favourite recipes online, and so my relatives and friends can use my recipes. Some of the recipes are made-up, others are from recipe books which will be attributed – perhaps you’ll be inspired to buy them.

I’ll tag the recipes according to main ingredient, style, and type, so for example, a vegan tomato soup will be tagged for #vegan, #tomato, #soup etcetera.

More soon!