Blackcurrant and rhubarb jam

What a dark summer we have had, not enough sun to bring on some of the fruit. I didn’t get a great crop on my blackcurrant bushes, so I made this recipe to make the fruit go further. It was a great success, and set very well. 


  • 500g blackcurrants
  • 500g chopped rhubarb
  • 1kg jam sugar
  • 300ml water


  • Simmer the blackcurrants in the water for around 15 minutes
  • Add the rhubarb and simmer until soft
  • Add the sugar, stir to dissolve it, and then boil rapidly to setting point. 
  • Pour into clean jars that have been warmed in the oven. 

You can use cooking apples instead of rhubarb as well; rub the cooked fruit through a sieve or fine mouli to remove the pips.